These 5 habits show that your partner isn’t Mr. Perfect – OrissaPOST

These 5 habits show that your partner isn’t Mr. Perfect – OrissaPOST

Every woman wants a perfect partner. But it is also important to understand that not everyone is perfect in true sense. Along with some good traits, there are also some bad things in a human.

Some compromises are necessary for a relationship. However, this does not mean that you should ignore every bad habit of your partner.

Here are some habits which should not be there in your partner:

Narrow Mind– It is important for you to know what your partner thinks about women. You get to know their thinking only after spending some time with them. People with small mindset or small thinking create problems for their spouse. Those who do not want to change according to the times, they try to impose their thinking on others. If your partner also has the same mentality, then try to explain them with love.

Equal Rights – Equal rights and behavior is necessary in relationships. Your partner’s opinion matters as much as yours on any decision. If your partner takes every decision without considering you, it means you will have to work very hard on your relationship. Confront it with them.

Controlling Habit– A successful relationship is accompanied by love and trust. Some people have a habit of hitting on everything. They want everything in the relationship to be according to their wish. Like where to go, whom to meet, even what to wear, they decide for themselves. People with such thinking can create problems for you.

Violent Behavior– It is common to have estrangement in a relationship, but if your partner’s behavior becomes violent due to bad mood, then there is a need to be careful. Violence should have no place in a relationship and if it is so, it is better to get away from such relationship.

Liars– Relationship stands on the foundation of truth. A little bit of lies is ok in jokes, but the lies that affect your relationship become difficult to ignore. Any relationship is based on each other’s trust. Lies gradually weaken the relationship and increase the differences with the partner.


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